Company with more than 20 years of experience

Long-term trade contract

Extra remuneration for commissions

Specialized online forming

Facilities for work and projects

Contact and direct support from Gestión de Compras

Required tools to properly do your job

Future projection and sector experience

Our goal

Gestión de Compras is a company made up by professionals in the areas of purchasing, quality control and production, that responds to the need of many companies of improving both their negotiation procedures and their acquisition costs, adapting them to the current market demands.

Globalization has been an opportunity for change for many sectors and companies, also in the industrial sector. Job, market and business opportunities expand beyond borders. Gestión de Compras, due to its business model, has a high capacity for internationalization. That is the objective of our “partners” project, taking our business beyond our reach trough external agents.  

How does it work?

1. Registration

All those interested must fill in the data trough the form.

2. Selection

Our Human Resources department will contact the candidates that fit the best with the requirements.

3. Contracting

Gestión de Compras will carry out a trade contract with the choosen persons.

4. Forming

Once inside the company, you will have access to our specialized online formation with the aim of boosting your knowledge and skills required to develop your work in line with the methodology of our company.

5. Employment

It’s time to put into practice all these acquired knowledge and the work in Gestión de Compras. Start your career as a partner of our company working with new clients and creating projects. From Gestión de Compras, we will have direct contact with all the partners fortifying our company community and betting for the people linked to it.